Where to eat in Thailand: Recommended restaurants


The question about where to eat in Thailand It is one of the most you do to us when we talk about this country, something that shows us again how important gastronomy is when we travel and more in a country like this.
And although we understand that there are thousands of options, especially in cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai, after our second visit to the country of smiles, from which we wrote this Travel Guide to Thailand, we wanted to publish a post in that we briefly review the places to eat in Thailand most recommended, which we have been lucky to try for a month and a half.

With endless possibilities, ranging from street stalls to small restaurants, to the most select restaurants, we believe that being able to enjoy several of them during a trip to Thailand is a unique experience, both for you and your stomach, We are sure, you will not regret it.

So with this in mind, we start with the list of places to eat in Thailand!

Basic tips for eating in Thailand

Although we could say that eating in Thailand does not require very specific advice, we do want to leave some details to make this experience an easier one.

  • The first thing we want to highlight is that the restaurants we recommend below are only a few options among the thousands that exist. In our case we usually use TripAdvisor and so far it has been great in 90% of cases, so we can only recommend it and encourage you to use it when you are traveling and not just opt ​​for our recommendations on where to eat in Thailand.
  • In most restaurants they have a menu in English and in many of them photos are included, so you will not have problems when identifying meals. Although that does not take away so that it is interesting, before traveling, read a little about Thai gastronomy to know a little what are your typical dishes and thus have clearer your choices.
  • In most tourist restaurants you can pay by card, although there are some that do not accept them. If you do not carry cash, it is best to ask before asking for no surprise.
    In some areas, such as Phi Phi and Koh Lipe, a 3% surcharge is usually applied for paying by card. If this is the case, they always let you know so you can choose whether or not to do so.
  • The word to always keep in mind is Spicy. In Thailand most dishes have a high level of spicy and this is already standard, so if you do not like it or tolerate it little, it is best to always warn and make it clear that you want it «No spicy». Despite this, in some places, the dish will still have some spicy, but very little.
  • As with letters, in most tourist places, in restaurants, they speak English, so you won't have problems communicating.
  • In many restaurants they do not usually include the service, so if you want to leave a tip, you will always be welcome. Although this is not mandatory, 5-10% if the service has been good, they will surely thank you.
  • Although there are hundreds of options, among all the dishes we have tried in Thai cuisine, we highlight the pad thai, massaman curry, khao soi, panang curry and as a dessert the mango sticky rice. Without forgetting, of course, the impressive fruit shakes, especially the mango and the amazing young coconut that accompanied us practically at all meals.

Where to eat in Ayutthaya

  • Coffee Old City: Known for being Ayutthaya's most recommended restaurant, Coffee Old City is located right in front of the Wat Maha That temple, the most famous in the city so it can be a good option if you want to make a stop in the area .
    We recommend you eat on the terrace because it has a lot of charm. We ordered a Thai pad, spaghetti with curry and tofu, beer, soda and two coffees for 389THB.
    Although the result is good and the food is good, we believe that the taste is not so incredible as to be the first in the city.

Where to eat in Thailand

  • Bombay Indian Restaurant Ko Lipe: Among the first 3 recommended restaurants in Koh Lipe, this Indian restaurant is a great option